November 23, 2015

How I Spent My APEC 2015 Holiday

While the government was busy preparing for the hosting of APEC Summit 2015, ordinary citizens like me also planned ahead to be more productive during the short break.  Some opted to go on family vacation while others participated worthwhile events such as community outreach programs.  I chose to stay at home and spend quality time with my husband and kids. 

I prepared a "to-do" checklist for my our projects and it goes like this:

  1. Home Improvement Project (customized storage bench, shelves, repainting of kitchen)
  2. Blog Makeover (register new domain, post updates, improve layout)
  3. Mini-Garden Makeover (purchase new plants) 
  4. Sewing Projects (DIY pillows, pillow cases, minor repair - Thea's Sunday dresses) 
  5. Shop for Home Organizing Tools/Stuff
  6. Request to Replacement of Lost Globe Postpaid SIM Card 
  7. Apply for Driver's License (Papa)
  8. Bonding / Reading with Kids (purchase new books)

I am so grateful because we have accomplished most of the things listed above. Although things did not pushed through as planned for our home improvement, it was a sigh of relief that the dilapidated sofa was already replaced by a new, more durable wooden sala set. I've been asking my husband to look for a carpenter who can build a customized storage benches and cabinet for our living room. 

This is our preferred design:

credits to the source of the images used in this pinboard

We've contacted at least four carpenters since August but we couldn't find one who can do the job for us at a reasonable price.  The last one even offered to do the necessary measurements but when he told my husband the estimated cost. it was expensive and we think does not justify the kind of materials to be used  which is a mix of Palo China wood and plyboard.  So, we dropped the idea of having the benches customized.  

Hubby convinced me to look for wooden sala set in furniture shops in Paco, Manila last Saturday.  Albeit  my heavy heart because my dream project will not happen, I went with him to go and look for sala set.  We found this one, a three-piece sala set with center/side table and free cushion.  We will replace the cushions with the ones made of Uratex foam. 

What do you think about our new sala set? 

One item crossed out in the home improvement project. 

Papa finally got his driver's license last November 17.  Good thing the holiday is only effective in NCR  and he was able to apply for the license in Angono (Rizal).  

Other stuff I we did/bought during the holidays were:
  • shopped for some home organizing stuff - shoe rack and bath towels 
  • picked-up the replacement sim for our Globe post-paid plan
  • repaired Thea' dresses and Papa's barong tagalog 
  • I also completed the domain registration of Uncomplicated 

We have more projects to be done in anticipation of New Year 2015.  

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November 20, 2015

Finally... is the new home of Weng Zaballa's Uncomplicated blog.

After three days of trial and error, the domain transfer is finally  done.  A bunch of thanks to the technical support staff of my chosen  company who assisted my in fixing the bugs I encountered while setting up the site.
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November 15, 2015

Happy Sunday!

Hello! How's your weekend so far? Mine was a busy but a happy one, stayed at home with the fambam, completed my regular households tasks and relaxed a bit. I just finished preparing our lunch and currrently resting my back as I type this post.

I am one grateful mom because my family love almost everything I do for them like preparing yummy food. Just like the pinakbet and fried fish I cooked yesterday. "Taob, di na umabot ng dinner". Today, I cooked pork sinigang.

Happy Sunday, everyone. May this  handsome little man put a smile on your face...  :-)

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November 13, 2015

Parenting a Pre-Teen

{pre-teenager or pre-teen - of or relating to a child between age 9 to 12}

My eldest is growing up too fast that changes in all aspects are happening quickly right before my eyes.  If there is a slow or pause button to at least help reduce the speed of human development  I will certainly push it huh. Yes, I know that's impossible. 

Look at these photos:

Thea , 4 years old, photo taken last July 2010

Thea, 9 years old, photo taken last December 2010

Unlike one or two years ago, she is now changing - physically, intellectually, emotionally, and socially. She's now becoming more independent.  In terms of physical aspect, I noticed early signs of puberty.  Her physique is already changing, too. You know, I am like, "huh, why so early?" I'm saying that the signs are quite early because I had my first monthly period at age 12 so as my sisters and nieces. 

What bothers me more is the social aspect. Thea is very friendly and associates with other people easily. That's why, I am continuously reminding her to choose her friends carefully.  Stay away from people who possess negative attitude and has the tendency to influence her to do bad things. 

For parents with pre-teen children, let me share this few parenting tips with you:
  • Don't feel rejected by new-found independence
  • Set aside quality time with your child
  • Try the indirect approach when your child raises tricky questions 
  • Don't be overly judgmental and don't overreact -   I'm guilty of this sometimes :(
  • Monitor the programs they watch on TV or sites visited in the Internet
  • Don't be afraid to start conversations about sex and drugs 
  • Don't be clueless.  Monitor your child activities outside your home. Know their friends, too. 

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November 12, 2015

Back Into the Groove

While staring at my blog few hours ago, I realized that I haven't changed my template for more than a year, I guess.  After several trial and error in downloading/uploading of free Blogger theme, I've finally chosen a theme that suits my taste.  Designing a new header image is my next project. 

I'm so happy and proud! I am back into the blogging world. I Hope that my passion for writing will continue because I have lots of stories  and experiences to share with you, guys. 

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On Getting Rid of Warts and Dark Circles

Honestly speaking, I am not consistent when it comes to skin care. I do not follow a specific skin regimen. My main concerns about my face are the warts which are increasingly becoming visible, and dark under-eye circles. 

This selfie was taken few hours ago, as an entry to a contest being hosted by one of the bloggers I follow.  Do you notice my dark under-eye circles. "Sayang ang make-up di ba, kung mukha namang racoon ang mata, hahaha"

In one article that I have read, having dark circles may be due to heredity, aging, dry skin, working for long hours in front of computer, stress, lack of sleep and an unhealthy diet.  I think majority of these causes are evident in me, hahaha.

My facial warts will soon disappear as I've already included in my schedule for the upcoming APEC holiday warts removal session in one of the skin clinics in the city.

I will try some home remedies again for my dark under-eye. Some of the famous natural treatments are cucumber, raw potato, lemon juice, and tomato. 

How I wish I have tons of motivation, time and energy to follow these four steps in maintaining a younger-looking skin.

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