Cabanatuan Trip

Here are some of our photos during our trip to Cabanatuan City, Nueva Ecija last April 7, 2008.

summer look...

baby, you're getting heavier hahaha

group pix


swimming like a pro

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  1. ah, summer. the photos really showed that you all had a blast! which actually reminds me that i haven't gone out this summer. i have to make sure i visit the beach and even a swimming pool this summer 2008. :-)

  2. i envy you. i haven't gotten an out-of-town trip since giving birth to Miguel. the farthest I have been to was in MOA. hehehe. as in malling lang talaga. :)

    anyway, thank you for this.

  3. hi ivan. you're welcome :)

    bakit naman? masarap mag out-of-town, Thea had her first out-of-town trip when she was 5 months old. sa nueva ecija rin...