Cute Photos!

I was browsing and at the same organizing my e-files, when I opened a folder containing Thea's photos. Here are some of the cutest pix stored in my pc.:

She loves french fries (occasionally). Hey, I'm not encouraging your children to eat too much fatty foods.
Just another great MOMents...
This is her favorite spot when she was just starting to walk on her own.
Too shy to show off her tooth. Yeah, I mean her neo-natal tooth.

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  1. Oh my...they are just so cute when they are little babies. I also like looking at my little girl's baby pics. I can't believe she's not that tiny little baby anymore.

    Oh well..I guess they have to grow, huh?

    Have a great weekend Wena...


  2. ... and they really grow fast hehe.

    Thanks for dropping by again, mommy Juls.