Site Improvement

Thursday, August 07, 2008

I made some sort of site improvement today. Classifying related widgets, banners as well as text links made my side bar more organized.

I also joined Sponsored Reviews, another way towards monetizing this blog. I do hope I'll be successful this time...

Only two days before the examination, and yet I still have to review 14 more lessons. Oh no! I'm nervous and still contemplating on my professor's statement that the one she'll be giving us serves as a practice comprehensive exam...

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  1. hellO! angels have something to say at take care... good day!be back here soon!

  2. good luck weng. enjoy your weekend.

  3. Hi weng,, How come I cant leave a message on your message board,, anway I've got a tag for you my dear,, check it out please...
    have a nice day

  4. thanks for the visit, Joy. will do the tag later. :)