Day 2 - Fill Up Your Tank and Start Driving

I don't have a car, so I have no idea about the exact price of gas in my area. I think it ranges between Php50.00 - 57.00.

To help save on gas, I walk my way to our church for at least three time a week. Instead of bringing my little one to the mall that will require us to a 15-20 minutes travel by a cab, I usually bring her to a nearby shopping complex.

During summer, my sister-in-law who owns a van plans our out-of-town trips. We share in gas and other expenses.

Tomorrow's the third of the virtual tour which started at Mommy Community. I will blog about my favorite restaurant...See yah!!!

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  1. so much nicer that you can walk places!

  2. I wish I can just walk to some of the places I want to go here. It's much more convenient and I need the exercise...wahhh...

    Hi Wena...visiting you here. Musta ang week so far? TGIF na paggising mo....