Our Little One's Graduation Day

Our dearest Yasmin Althea successfully completed Nursery. She graduated 2nd Honor, with four (4) awards namely: Best in English, Best in Numbers, Most Attentive and Most Behaved. She really made us proud, happy parents. Special thanks to my sister Leny helping me in Thea's early education. 

Even though I was quite disappointed for their lengthy, disorganized programme, I was really happy. Climbing up the stage really made me one proud mom. Oh by the way, I also got an award too. I was acknowledged as one of the Most Cooperative Parents in their day care center. 

Congratulations Thea. We are so proud of you, baby! Love you!

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  1. congrats! passing by these parts today to read posts. ciao!

  2. congratulations to althea! she's one smart, cute little girl!