Back from Unannounced Leave...

I was offline for the last couple of weeks. We had an emergency last April 2, Friday. My (second to the) eldest brother passed away due to hearth attack. The news from my family in my hometown really caused a shock for me and my sisters here in Manila. He is too young to leave us and his own family behind. He's 48 years old, with seven kids - the eldest is 24 and the youngest 6 years old. It was such a painful loss but we have to accept the fact the our Almighty God has a purpose on taking back his borrowed life. With that incident, my sisters, nephew and nieces, Thea and I went home the following week. We stayed there for almost two weeks. 

Though I went back online last Monday, I was not in perfect mood to blog. I have to cope with pending jobs at the office. Aside from that, I was having a hard time due to morning sickness and uneasy feeling throughout the day. If you're not connected with me through Plurk or Facebook, I suppose you don't know yet that I am two months pregnant. :) I just hope that everything would be fine throughout this pregnancy. 

With that, I would like to apologize with my unannounced blogging leave. I am back and will try my best to give you more updates...

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  1. hi!i've been reading your blog since last year and so sad to know that a member of the family passed away, my condolence. But I'm also happy that thea is going to be a big sister soon, congrats! ate an2nette from germany