The Day I Slipped and Fell From the Stairs

Tuesday, August 03, 2010

Thursday, July 29, 2010 at around 10am, I went down from our office using the stairs, since the elevator broke down again. While going down to the second floor, I accidentally slipped in the 3rd to the last step and fell down. Several people near the area came to rescue me. I nearly cry thinking more about my baby's safety. Though I didn't passed out, I suffered from bruises on the left of my head (above the ear) and on my shoulders, thighs and legs. I was confined at the hospital from more than 24 hours. Thanks God, me and my baby is safe after all the tests (ultrasound, etc).

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  1. Hi weng, be careful and watch your steps next time, nice to hear that you're going to have a baby boy, kumpleto na and sure hapi si hubby

  2. Hi an2nette! thanks, and yeah I'll be careful, natatakot na nga ako mag-stairs eh.

  3. OMG ate weng, maraming ingats sa susunod :)

  4. ikaw pala yan, mee-i! :) oo nga, extra ingat na talaga ako sa pag-akyat baba sa hagdan.

  5. Naku naman Mommy Wena...ninerbyos ako while reading your post. I'm glad na ayos lang kayo ng baby. Next time kailangan may bubuhat sa yo pababa pag sira elevator o kaya magpalagay sila ng walking stairs...este escalator ata yun...hehe.

    Thanks for the visit and the anniv greeting.

    Ingat lagi...

    Mommy J

  6. yes mommy J. Thanks God, ayos lang kami ni baby. lagi na akong may kasama pag bumababa sa hagdan.

    thanks, happy anniv. ulit!

  7. Naku sis take a lot of angel is watching over you and your baby....

  8. Thanks, Cielo. yeah, I became more cautious after that incident.



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