Yohan's Firsts: Summer Outing

My officemates and our families went to Bosay Resort in Antipolo City last Saturday for our Summer 2011 getaway. I was hesitant of tagging along little Yohan because I thought he's too young for travelling from Mandaluyong-Antipolo via public transportation.  I was wrong the little boy didn't have any tantrums at all... He enjoyed the whole trip. Here are the proofs, hahaha.

 jeepney ride going to the resort 

relaxed...refreshed... re-charged! hehehe

 Yohan: busy looking around; Thea: still wants to swim

 happy baby :)

We'll definitely have more gatherings and family outings with Yohan specially when Papa's here already. 

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  1. ay ang kyot naman!!! Bugnot si Thea lolz

  2. ay oo, may tantrums si Thea, gusto pa kasi mag-swimming, nakita kasi ibang anak ng officemates ko na nagpalit ulit ng pang-swimming.

  3. Para lang syang si Thea nung baby pa.

  4. ay oo mitch, Theo nga ang tawag nila kay Yohan eh hehehe