Green Living Monday: Walking in the Rain

My daughter Yasmin experienced walking in the rain for the first time.

Last Saturday, I tagged her along to the meeting I attend in Quezon City. It was a rainy weekend here in  the Metro but despite the gloomy weather we had mother and daughter bonding. Instead of taking a cab, we had a short walk from the building where our meeting was held to McDonalds-Quezon Avenue. It was also her first time to pass be the green elevated walkway constructed constructed by MMDA. I thought she'll refuse climbing up the high overpass but boy I was wrong, she was even singing in the rain while walking hahaha.

She really enjoyed that one of a kind experience that  is, I think, related to Melandria's  entry for this week about reducing our carbon footprint. We walked instead to taking a cab that emits pollutants such as carbon dioxide. I also saved electricity because by tagging her along, Yasmin had a three-hour break from watching TV, lolz! 

Join us in Green Living Monday!

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  1. i can still remember the first time i play with the rain, it was a lot of fun but after that i catch a cold , LOL. But it's a great experience. Thanks for sharing.

    Hope you can leave a comment on my post too.