GT#7: Best Birthday

Thursday, July 28, 2011

It's time for Girl's Talk. For this week, the girl will be sharing their best birthday celebration.

So, here's mine. My 18th is my best and most memorable birthday. No grand party happened but I was surprised by my mother and siblings who arrived from our hometown few days before my big day. I was staying in Laguna then, and was busy completing my college entrance requirements. I celebrated my birthday at my Aunt's rented apartment. Mama cooked my favorite Filipino delicacies. I had only very few guests which include my three older siblings, my aunt's family and my brother's co-workers but it was one of my happiest birthdays. 

How about you, what's your best birthday??? Care to share, join us here:

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  1. How sweet naman ng family mo. A surprise for you :0

  2. That was a beautiful gesture of your mom! And I love this post-- so full of memories! That birthday deserved to be the best, indeed! :)

    As for me, TURNING 28 ON THE 28th happens once in my life only, and so it was my best birthday ever! :)

  3. Wow, sweet 18! I was trying to see if you're going to describe it with roses and candles, hehe..

    So good to reminisce the old days; isn't it Weng?

  4. my 18th birthday is one of the most birthday I had too Sis!!! cheers tayo dyan!!

    >> stay happy

  5. It's really nice to celebrate with those closest to your heart. It makes it even more memorable.

  6. Close family ties and being able to see all of them with you is indeed one of the best birthday gifts one can receive. Really lucky girl ♥

    See you again next week!

  7. thank you ladies for leaving sweet comments... see you on Thursday!!! :)

  8. i have the same 18th birthday celebration like yours :)

    Anyways, maybe you like to check out my mini-giveaway and join!

  9. awww.. i would be soo happy if that happened to me too, and would probably consider it as my best bday ever as well. family is important to me, and having them together to celebrate my red letter day would indeed be extra special :)

  10. yes indeed Ms K. thanks for visiting me again! :)


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