Mass Page Rank Checker: A Big Help for Bloggers with Multiple Blogs

Google issued anothe update on Page Rank this month of August 2012. Bloggers posted about the update on this blogs and various social networking site. When Ruby of Pinay Mommy Online  shared a link on Facebook about this bulk pagerank checker, I did not hesitate to try. Thank you Mommy Ruby.

My ranks did not change so far. I am hoping for the figures to go up on the next Google PR update (fingers crossed). = 1 /10 PageRank: 1/10PageRank: 1/10 = 0 /10 PageRank: 0/10PageRank: 0/10 = 0 /10 PageRank: 0/10PageRank: 0/10 = 2 /10 PageRank: 2/10PageRank: 2/10

Are you a blogger with multiple blogs, visit and check you sites' PageRank.

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  1. Mass Page Rank Checker is a free tool to check Google page ranking of any web site pages easily and to display site's PageRank value on web pages.

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  2. I installed the live pagerank plugin a little while ago and I've been keeping an eye on it... It seems to pull up the same kind of info as the live pagerank checkers and page rank predictors. Like you said basically, Expertu, doesn't do a whole lot of good, but I guess it's mildly useful... I'm going to try the one you speak of though, thanks!