Just Write, Never Get Tired

“Writing is the only way I have to explain my own life to myself.” 
                                                                                                ― Pat Conroy, My Reading Life

Writing is my hobby, writing is part of my job, too.  I've been writing essays since my childhood days. I pursued an IT degree in college but I got higher grades in English and Business Communication than in Programming and other major subjects. After college graduation, I landed a job (which is my job until today) that requires extra efforts in research and technical writing. When blogging was introduced, I joined the bandwagon and created my very first blog site. 

Writing requires extra ounce of motivation and inspiration. However, there will be instances that our creative juices run dry. As a blogger, I have my own share of this.  In fact I can not count how many times that I lost my interest in keeping this blog updated. Why? maybe because I'm busy, I'm upset, or affected by the negative news and write-ups involving bloggers. 

My friends recently told me to continue to write. They reminded me to never get tired of expressing myself. Just write, write, write. Never lose interest in the things I am passionate about. Thanks to my friends for waking me up, for inspiring me to write again. I am lucky to be surrounded by optimistic, like-minded people. So, here I am, trying to regain my mojo because writing is the only I can explain my own life to myself. 

P.S. Watch out, new blog coming soon! :) 

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