On Enhancing Multiple Intelligence among Children

Wednesday, April 01, 2015

Child's intelligence is not only shown through high IQ level or academic excellence alone.  In 1983, a Harvard University professor Dr. Howard Gardner developed the Theory of Multiple Intelligences.  Dr. Gardner has identified eight different intelligences to describe a broader range of human potential, both children and adults.  These are:

  • Linguistic intelligence (Word Smart )
  • Logical-mathematical intelligence (Number Smart)
  • Spatial intelligence (Picture Smart)
  • Bodily-Kinesthetic intelligence (Body Smart)
  • Musical Intelligence (Music Smart)
  • Interpersonal Intellegence (People Smart)
  • Intrapersonal Intelligence (Self Smart)
  • Naturalist Intelligence (Nature Smart)

I am one of the modern moms who support multiple intelligence.  Both my daughter and son learned to sing at the age of 3.  They both love dancing and easily befriend other children and adults as well.  Thus, showing potentials of being Music Smart, Body Smart, and People Smart.  At Grade 3, Thea reads and speaks English well.  However, improvement must be made and lots of practice must be done so that she'll become Number Smart. 

Though it seems to be impossible to teach all learning styles, more and more educators in our country are embracing multiple intelligences.  The theory grabbed the attention of educators and schools are using its philosophy to redesign the method of teaching. As I see it in the newly released books for the K to 12 Curriculum, lessons are presented in diverse techniques using music, art activities, cooperative learning, role playing, reflection sessions, multimedia and more. 

At home, raising smart kids is a challenge.  Parents should be open-minded and supportive of their children's talents and interests.  Understanding child's learning style is very important. Children must be given the opportunity to develop through courses, hobbies and other self-development programs.  Likewise, parents should encourage (not push) their children to participate in extra curricular activities in school. Summer vacation or school breaks must be maximized by enrolling them to self-improvement classes or activities.  

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