DIY Projects Inspirations

For year 2016, I'd like to focus on DIY projects at home. I've been compiling inspirations and ideas from Google and Pinterest.

First is on urban gardening. Have you heard about living wall art and dish garden? I want them in my humble abode. I will maximize the available spaces at home like balcony, window sill, and even walls. Here are my models. Note: credits to all the owners of these photos. 

Next is this almost no-sew upholstery project which I've seen from the blog
Head on the page for the easy to follow instructions on how to make this cushion. This is perfect for my wooden sala set.

After repainting our kitchen and bedroom walls, I'd like to do this frame/bag organizers at the entryway. No more school bags left lying on the floor, ayt?

I can't wait for 2016 for this project! Hopefully, we can change the curtain rods and purchase new curtains before New Year. 

How about you, what are your plans for next year? What hobbies do you want to engage in? Don't be shy, share your thoughts in the comment section below. 


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