Handling Challenges in Life and Parenting

Inasmuch that I want to keep my blog's positive tone, please let me pour my heartaches this time. 

Being responsible individuals is one of the things my husband and I would like to instill in our children. However, we are already have a tween.  Our daughter is sometimes tenacious and clumsy.  Lost notebooks and other school things is a frequent issue. She has the tendency to be impatient when watching TV or playing with her younger brother. 

We are strict when it come to following rules and fulfilling their duties as a student. And, Thea, being a member of our Church's Children's Choir, should always prioritize choir performances and practices. 

This morning, I lost my temper.  I talked to her about a water bottle she left in their classroom.  Others may think it is only petty. But the important thing her is, she should be responsible with her things.  To cut the long story short, she talked back, and walked out on me (padabog na naglakad palayo sa akin, in Tagalog terms). That's when I totally lost my temper. She's grounded. No school for today. I want her to realize that it is right to act that way when we, her parents are reminding her about the proper way to handle things. 

She called me in the office and said sorry. 

I hate it when I get mad with my children, but I am not a perfect mom.  I will not get tired of teaching them life lessons and will try my very best in positive parenting department. 

Do you, guys agree with this quote?

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