Happy 40th Birthday to ME!

I am having the most busiest birth month ever! Work-related tasks seems never-ending but I am enjoying every bit of them.  As a lead of a newly-created team, I now have bigger responsibilities. Fortunately, we have newly-hired colleagues to help us accomplish our assignments without much delays. That, alone is one of the reasons that I am happier now. The burn-out I experienced last year already vanished haha. 

Today, I am currently attending a three-day workshop at The Lake Hotel, Tagaytay City.  Though th hotel is under renovation, I am loving their amenities and services. 

That's all for now... A million thanks to all for your greetings. mwuah! Life begins at 40! hahaha

I'm excited for our simple birthday celebration on Sunday (at home).

love yah! 

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