Spending Time with our T(w)eenager

How's your long weekend, friends? 

Ours was spent with Thea. The weather in Metro Manila this past weekend was erratic so we decided to stay home and enjoyed some sort of movie marathon, siesta, and just killing time with only three of us in the house.  On November 1, we ate lunch together in a fast food nearby. 

I noticed that because of our hectic work schedule, my husband and I lack time for our unica hija.  With our toxic work schedule in the past several months, we seldom have mall time and eating out, unless it's a planned trip to the mall to buy something important. Though, we always see to it that we sit together for one family meal - which happen every breakfast during weekdays and all mealtime during weekends.   We value family meals as an opportunity for re-connection, time for asking questions, especially Thea's day in school.  

In our simple family time last weekend, I observed Thea. She was very happy, she enjoyed our company. After eating out, we went to National Bookstore and Papa bought her a notebook (for hear Diary) and a new set of colored pencils. She's fond of keeping a journal or a diary, just like me.  Oh by the way, she's also learning how to play a guitar and we're thinking of buy her an acoustic guitar next month.  

Building relationships with our children does not happen overnight. We should continue to explore other ways to spend quality time with them, especially during their  adolescent years.  With that, we are looking forward for more adventures with our dearest dalagita. 

Time spent with FAMILY is worth every second...

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