Yohan's Homecoming

We are reunited with this little boy after his nine months of stay with his Aunt and Grandma in my hometown.  They arrived after several hours of land travel last Friday.  Yohan will be spending the New Year with us, and perhaps his (post) 7th birthday celebration, too.  

My phone (and his Papa's) now is filled with fun selfies/groupies with the bunso

Notice the scar on his face, it's an abrasion because a minor accident while playing days prior to their travel. Wala na yan ngayon, makinis na ulit ang face nya. 

More photos

BONUS: A lovely photo of my first-born.  Yohan's taking a lot of picture of her Ate Thea. Na-aamaze siguro sa Ate nya, biglang laki rin kasi ni Thea eh. :)

That's all for now... Expect more posts and updates before we finally bid goodbye to year 2017. 

Advanced Happy New Year, sweeties! 

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