2 Products Added in my Home Improvement Wishlist

Friday, January 19, 2018

As I've said, I want my year to be calm and peaceful. Part of it is de-cluttering and improving our humble abode. How can we be calm if the house is in chaos, right?

Last month, we're supposed to hire a contractor to make a queen-sized platform bed frame for the master's bedroom. But, we put it on hold due to time and financial constraints.  What did you expect, t'was the holiday season. We got busy at home , we got busy at work, too. 

Now, we are considering multi-purpose and cost-efficient furniture like sofa bed, storage bench and the like. 

I added these two products in my "to buy checklist." Both are Uratex products, by the way.  While browsing the company's website, I instantly fell in love with this sofa bed. It is a real space-saver multi-functional product. 

Uratex Strata Sofa bed - a double sized bed with 7.25 in. mattress is priced at Php 8,989.75)

The other one is a monoblock chair from Uratex Lifestyle Collection. Perfect for our study area which we are planning to set up in a vacant space under the stairs leading to the 3rd floor of our small apartment-type home. 

Uratex Brooklyn Chair, Php1,149.75

We'll start saving for these and hopefully purchase it before summer. We'll show you the actual photo of them once arranged in their designated areas in our home. 

Happy weekend, guys!

***this is not a sponsored post***

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