Scheduled Maintenance for Commerical Refrigeration in Minneapolis, MN

Scheduled Maintenance for Commerical Refrigeration in Minneapolis, MN

When you purchased your refrigeration unit for your business, you probably didn't think about the common issues it could develop in the future such as breakdowns, mold, and low energy efficiency. If you have commercial refrigeration minneapolis mn, your unit needs regular maintenance in order to maximize efficiency and the overall span of its life. Whether you have a walk-in freezer, cooler, product case, or floral display, you should learn about a few things you can do to keep your refrigeration unit in tip-top shape.

Keep Things Clean

Regularly clean the inside and outside of your unit with soap and hot water. If you use your equipment more frequently, then it will, of course, require more cleanings. Stay away from strong cleaners and abrasive tools. Also, be sure not to get water on the electrical components.

Do Thorough Inspections

While some issues require the expertise of the professionals, you can train your eye to spot other problems such as loud or unusual sounds, leakage, broken seals, broken hinges, and excess condensation. These are all problems that are easy to spot and don't necessarily require a professional's diagnosis.

Allow Proper Ventilation

You want your establishment to look its best, which means that you probably have lots of decor around the place. You may also need extra storage. But when it comes to commercial refrigeration equipment, simplicity is often best. That's because nothing should be blocking the unit as this can prevent proper airflow. If stored goods, debris, or decor are disrupting the airflow around your unit, it's usually best to remove it. This ensures your refrigeration unit is getting the ventilation it needs to run properly.
Although there are various maintenance tasks you can perform on your own to ensure the quality and lifespan of your refrigeration unit, more thorough inspections and tune-ups should be left to the professionals.

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