My Thoughts About the President's Announcement re: Classes will Remain Suspended until Vaccine against COVID-19 is Available

Source: GMANews on Twitter

That is the latest news  about the opening of School Year 2020-2021 amidst the country's battles against COVID-19. President Duterte announced that he will not allow the opening of classes (as opposed to prior declaration by the Department of Education that classes will start on August 24) unless the vaccine against COVID-19 is made available. 

Now, as a parent what is my opinion about that. I definitely agree on the suspension, for I will not allow my children to go to school unless it is really safe.  During the time of uncertainty, the concerned agencies should evaluation and study the safest way to handle the issues regarding the academic well-being of the younger generation. I am sure there are ways available which in one way or another be helpful to every student and his or her family in this time of crisis. So that, no child is left behind. Learning is not confined in the four corners of the classroom. 

Currently, I am doing my own research about online/virtual learning and homeschooling. While doing that, I am teaching my youngest who is an incoming Grade 4 student.  We are practicing reading. He's also into arts, so I let him do that. His big sister on the other hand, is more relaxed. She helps me in some household chores. I am preparing a learning plan for both of them - with a daily schedule  to established a routine. We are slowly improving our house to create a more learning-friendly environment for them. I am taking advantage of my current work from home arrangement to make things easier for us, to lessen anxiety and boredom. 

We really hope and pray for the flattening of the curve of this global pandemic. Let us all stay safe and healthy. God bless. 


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