Hi,  Welcome to my blog!

I am an IT graduate currently working in the public sector.  As a full-time working mom, I strive to carefully balance my Top 3 priorities - religious obligations, family and career.

I've been blogging since 2003 and tried various platforms like Xanga, Blogger and WordPress. This blog which started in 2008 is born out of my passion for writing and the need to chronicle everyday life with my family. My husband used to work overseas and reading this blog was part of his daily routine.

For several years, this blog serves as my online diary where I share random stories about everyday life.  Most of the topics I write revolve around lifestyle, parenting, career, travel, and hobbies I engage in like cooking, gardening, and DIY projects.

I am currently writing a book as an offshoot of my memoir blog. My plan is to make it an illustrated memoir in collaboration with my brother who is an artist. 

Thank you and enjoy reading my blog.  I'm happy to share with you my joys and struggles as I tread the wonderful path of the world's greatest career called MOTHERHOOD.

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