Planning for her 2nd Birthday

It is only 10 days before my little one's second birthday...Definitely, we'll have a simple celebration at home. We are planning to invite her cousins and some playmates/neighbors. Hubby promised that he will bring us to Manila Ocean Park before he leaves for Qatar.

I am considering Dora the Explorer Live! at Aliw Theater as Plan B. However, when I saw them perform yesterday at ASAP 08 in ABS-CBN, I was kinda disappointed. I was expected that the performer would be same age with the real Dora, but to my dismay.... she'sNOT!... even the one who will play the role of Diego (Dora's cousin). they are both grown-ups and matured. I think kids would not appreciate them that much.. Oopps, my apologies to the events organizers. This is just my two cents worth.

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