Three Days to Go...

Three days before my little girl turns 2.
We're going out on Friday. Since hubby works in Ortigas, we'll probably go to SM Megamall. The plan of going to Manila Ocean Park was cancelled because he can't afford to be absent even if he really want to. I have chosen to use my mandatory leave on Thursday and Friday. A big thanks to Ms. A (our Admin head) for her approval eventhough I filed it late....Thank you, thank you po talaga.

As a big fan of Dora, we really wanted to give her something a-Dorable :). I've been googling since an hour ago and look what I found on Nick Shop.

Not sure if this is available here in the Philippines. We'll visit the local toy stores and
character shops and look for these items.
God gave a gift to the world when you were born—we thank Him for such a wonderful
HAPPY BIRTHDAY, BABY! We love you very very much...

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  1. happy birthday to your daughter. i have seen the likes of that dora stuff at powerbooks and toys r us. alam mo naman ako super gala din! =)

  2. Thank you!

    thank you din sa tips, ate len. tama si husband baka meron daw sa toys r us. :)

  3. Happy happy birthday, Althea! Chestene and I wish you a great and blessed future ahead! :)

  4. belated happy birthday to your cute daughter. i think every little girls loves dora. my daughter is also crazy 'bout her.

  5. hey there, thanks for visiting my blog. happy bday to your daughter. my daughter's a dora addict too. ;)

  6. Shimumsy and Analyse, Thanks for greeting my little girl :)

  7. belated happy birthday to your daughter wena!

    tagged u!

  8. Happy Belated Birthday to ur gal! Most kids love Dora & I think I'm getting more & more famous! hehehe...


  9. Vannie - thanks. okey sis, i'll visit your site and do the tag.

    Dora- yeah! you're so famous, every little girl loves you hahaha.

  10. happy birthday! and she's a dora fan :D hope you'll get those gifts for her.