Essay Writing

Essay and feature writing has always been my favorite. I find it easier than literary and creative writing. An essay is a typically short piece of writing, from an author's personal point of view.
Here is one of my sample essays. I wrote this last February as part of my application for graduate school.

Statement of Purpose
Every person has his own reason for pursuing graduate study. The most common reason is professional development or advancement. Some people want to enter graduate school when they find a field of study that interests them greatly. It also increases confidence in one’s chosen field or profession and broadens career opportunities.

I decided to apply to the Master of Technology Management Program being offered at the University of the Philippines-Diliman to acquire further understanding on key management approaches and various aspects of technological innovations. Being involved in development planning for the past seven (7) years, I would like to keep abreast with the latest technological innovations and apply them in the formulation and implementation of various programs and projects for the city government.

I think my academic background in Information Technology and work experience in the field of development planning would qualify to pursue the Program. If I would be admitted to the Program, my specific areas of interest will be – Project Management, Information Technology Management, and Strategic Technology Planning. Once finished, I intend to continue to work at the City Government of Makati or if given the opportunity, in a national government agency.

Graduate studies require a lot of self-discipline, thus, going through this next stage in my continuous quest for knowledge poses a great challenge to me. I will try my very best to balance my job, studies, and my duties as a wife and mother.

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  1. what time r ur classes? i'm at UP most Friday afternoons. Let's meet!

  2. Hi Ate Lena.

    My classes for this sem are on Wednesdays, 6-9pm and Saturdays, 2-5 pm. Sayang! pero basta malakas ang kutob ko, magkikita tayo, one of these days :)