Tuesday Toot # 2

It has been a while since my first "Tuesday Toot" post. I have been very busy during the past couple of weeks. As of my accomplishments today, I have completed one of my pending tasks at work, had it printed and submitted it to my supervisor. I hope I can finish the last part of the report tomorrow. (sigh)

Even if I woke up 30 minutes late this morning, I still managed to cook something for my family's breakfast and lunch. It is quite difficult to get up early especially when you're tired after a day of working, right?... But, as a working mom, I really have to...

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  1. Being a GOOD Mom is alot of hard work! Kudo's to you!

  2. welcome back:) There never seems to be enough sleep time, lol.

    My toot is up at http://chrysanthemoms.com

  3. hello! proud naman ever ang lola sayo at ibinalandra mo ko sa sidebar mo! thank you ever! update ko yong rollyo ko kaso nag mamadali ang lola later na lang!:-)

    reyna elena dot com

  4. to reynz:
    of course. magkababayan tayo eh...


  5. Awesome accomplishment - I wish I had the energy to cook breakfast - my family is stuck with instant breakfast if they want to eat in the morning - lol.

  6. Awesome accomplishment. I wish I had enough energy to cook breakfast - instant breakfast is all we have over here - cereal!

  7. alam mo bang i woke up early today, before 6 am tumayo na ako and i went jogging. usually kasi gising ko 8 am na dahil nag wake up call na si hubby, hahaha. oo, i dont wake up to prepare his breakfast. pero mukhang masarap nga gumising ng umaga kasi i have more time for myself and for my hubby :D

  8. hello, raq. my hubby leaves the house earlier than me kasi 7am ang start ng work nya, kaya usually 5am gising na ako para magluto. :) pag sunday lang ako nakakagising ng medyo late, hehehe.