First Day!

Still dizzy due to lack of sleep, I opened my blog just to keep you posted on my life’s day-day phenomenon. Despite the sudden downpour yesterday, I attended the first session on one of my two subjects/courses this term. I was 45 minutes behind the class schedule. Our professor was talking about the overview of the course and its requirements when I arrived. He he informed us that TM241 would require us, students to go through several readings, prepare two dozens of reaction papers, and a couple of group projects. Whew! Isn’t it mind-boggling! Haha… The second part of the lecture enlightened us on the Technology Adoption Process…The session ended at 9pm…I arrived home after an hour and a half of travel…Hubby waited for me at the jeepney stop. This time, I missed putting the little girl into sleep while singing Barny Song and Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star together *sobs*.

As promised, the lecturer on our 2-part Accounting Workshop emailed us the result of the exam she gave us last Sunday. Yuhoo! I was so happy…I passed the exam. I am extending my warmest congratulations to those who got the highest marks. Congrats, guys!!!

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  1. Hi Wena,, what a busy mom you are,, how do u do it?? have a nice day and keep yourself safe,,,

    See yah

  2. Hi Joy!

    It's quite difficult for a full-time working mom. I really wanted to go back to school even before I got married. i hope i can make it through graduation. :)