Food Allergies

Has your child diagnosed with food allergy? How did you handle the situation?

My husband brought our daughter to the hospital yesterday due to food allergy. I was not at home for more than 8 hours, so I was not able to witness what really happened. Here is the story:

During lunch, the little girl had a serving of macaroni soup cooked by Nanay. She does not like tomato-based foods just like the Kalderata I prepared for them, so she chose to eat the macaroni soup. Then afterwards, Thea had her usual afternoon siesta. However, she woke up at around 3 p.m. with several red spots on her skin – one of the symptoms of allergy. Hubby decided to bring her to the nearby hospital wherein she was diagnosed with food allergy. The doctor gave her an anti-allergy injection, prescribed a 5-day medication (Iterax), and provided us list of foods that are not allowed for food allergy sufferers. When I came home, the allergies are gone.

Based on the online research I made a while ago, the most common food allergies are allergy from milk, egg, peanut, tree nut, seafood, shellfish, soy and wheat.

Lesson learned: We, parents, should be wary about food allergens, food labels, and the symptoms of food allergic reactions.

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  1. That happened once to our little one. Red spots tapos nag cluster in some spots.

    We called her pediatrician and she only recommended Benadryl. We did but we also brought her in after a day or two. The spots were still there but not as bad. It never happened again and she can still eat pretty much everything.

    So did you find out what specific food she's allergic to? I just read in one magazine that the best way to fight food allergies is food itself. Not sure how accurate that is but it says on the mag that it's best to do it pag kids daw.

    I hope she's better now. Ang buhay magulang nga naman noh? Never ending ang worries.


  2. Okey na sya, mommy Juls. Pagdating ko pa lang sa bahay mga 6pm nung Sunday, wala na, hyper na naman sya, kanta pa ng kanta :). Siguro dahil sa injection, high dosage na siguro yun kaya nawala agad ang red spots nya. She's still taking meds though.

    Actually, we didn't know what specific food eh. Maybe dahil sa milk na nilagay ni Nanay sa soup. Nagtataka din kami kasi lagi naman sya kumakain nun e. Natyimpuhan siguro.

  3. it's good that she feels better now. hirap pag ang kids ang may nararamdaman. my daughter has no allergies naman but sometimes you can never be sure.