Post Holiday Syndrome

Almost all Filipino employees had a one-day break yesterday. Thanks to GMA who declared June 9 as a holiday instead of June 12 (Philippine Independence Day).

Unlike others who enjoyed the extended weekend through out-of-town trips, or simply stayed at home with their loved ones, mine was indeed a tiring one. Last Saturday, I cleaned the fridge, went to the market, and prepared for the exam. And on top of it, I also attended to the little girl's needs since my sister was out during the whole day. Sunday was an extremely busy day too.

Yesterday, Hubby and I cleaned and re-organized our room. The laundry also piled up that even my sister helped me… still, we didn’t finish the job.

Guess what the consequence of this; I felt not reporting for work today. And the worst scenario is – I was confused on the color of uniform, instead of wearing the pair for Tuesday, I am wearing yesterday’s set of uniform hehehe. It was an honest mistake, I swear! I can’t go home to change as I am now living in Mandaluyong, unlike 3 years ago that I used to live 3 blocks away from the office.

Lesson learned: To Avoid Confusion - Separate the unused uniform due to holidays or absences/leave from those which will be worn during the rest of the week. (lol)

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  1. Hi Wena....

    Ay naku I can understand why you wore the wrong uniform. Tell your boss na kailangan isang kulay na lang ng uniform para uniform talaga....haha.

    Hope your week is going great despite the back to work 'oopsss'.


  2. Hi mommy Juls. That's a nice idea, hmm. ma-isuggest nga. hehe

    Thanks for always visiting my humble abode. :)

  3. yeah, i agree with Pinay Wahm, dapat one color nalang yung uniform. at least, there won't be any confusion on what color to wear each day. :D