Learning How to Draw

Monday, July 28, 2008

I want to share a "funny" conversation with Thea. After attending choir rehearsal yesterday, I opted to stay at our dining area to review for the upcoming mid-term examination. Since I have to browse several books I needed a bigger space and the only appropriate one at home is our dining table.

As soon as I went down the dining area, the little girl insisted to go with me because she wants to draw and scribble too. Seems unsatisfied with my response, she also asked her Tita Leny (my sis) the same question. The latter said “Aakyat din si Mama mo pagkatapos niya magsulat”. And then she asked again, ‘Susulat si Mama, drawing sya ng circle saka ng rainbow?" I momentarily stopped from writing and laughed out loud. Poor Mama, learning how to draw circles and rainbows at age 31 (hahaha).

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  1. lol! kids! hello! midterms na pala ssa UP e hindi man lang nagpaparamdam yong anak ko.