Tuesday Toot (July 22, 2008)

I'm joining this week's Tuesday Toot again.
My simple accomplishments are as follows:
1. Prepared some stuffs for Hubby (Barong and work clothes)
2. Meet sis J's dad at Glorietta to give him the small package. Sis J is Hubby' new friend who's going back to Oman next week.
3. I attended two meetings yesterday. Another busy day for a public servant. :)
4. I cooked delicious "sinigang na bangus" for our dinner.

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  1. How I miss sinigang na bangus....hay. I can cook it here but the bangus here are frozen from the Phil stores. So hindi ko ata feel kasi gusto ko fresh...hehe.

    Hi Weng...salamat sa dalaw.


  2. That looks like a nice meme.
    Maybe I'll join in next week.

    Enjoy your day!

  3. Hi Laane. thanks for visiting me again.yeah, sure you can join this meme, just follow the link on my post.

  4. hopping through, and asking asking for your vote for my son JOSHUA at Vhiel's Corner everyday!! Thanks a lot!!!!

  5. Hi Wena...

    Happy weekend!