MTM Batch 2008 Acquaintance Party

I almost forgot to blog about our batch’s acquaintance party dubbed as “An Evening of Black and White". It was held last August 16, 2008 at Katips Bar and Grille in Quezon City. Well, it’s better late than never, as they say. That was one of the three milestones in our entire stay at UP-TMC. Our next activities would be the year-end party (Christmas Party to our Catholic friends), and the summer activity.

Though we already developed camaraderie during the series of workshops we attended last summer, we still need to "party" since it is a tradition at the TMC. Said event was spearheaded by the hardworking Batch 2008 Officers. It is not easy to organize activities like this ‘coz it entails lots of preparation –from concept/theme to date and venue to games and tokens. Kudos to you, guys! We would like to express our gratitude to two of our professors (one of which is also the Executive Director of the unit) and some senior students who graced the occasion. Your words of encouragement and inspiring messages mean a lot to us.

As part of the Information Committee, I assisted in conceptualizing the website for our batch and eventually to other MTM students. It was launched during the party. Here’s the screenshot of our website.

Certainly, it was a night filled with fun and laughter!
The theme is black and white, yet I'm wearing violet :)
photo credit: jerome

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  1. Black, white AND violet!! Hahaha....oh I miss attending reunions. My high school batch will be having the Silver Jubilee next year. I'll miss kasi I'm here.

    Hay....anyway, visiting you here Wena. I hope you and your little angel are both doing great.

    Btw, please accept my sympathy for the passing of your Aunt. May she rest in peace!


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  3. Thank you so much, Juls. we really had fun that night. my friends even wanted to have coffee kaya lang gabi na, i told them na hintay na ako ng dalagita ko hehehe. high school reunions are great too. but i also missed attending such for a number of times.

    i really wanted to go home to attend the wake. all my titos and titas here living here in manila went home, so para reunion na rin.

    will be hopping to your site in a while... see yah!