Meet Her New Pal!


The Dora the Explorer fanatic becomes Spongebob's friend, hehe.

While we were strolling in the mall last Thursday, the little one saw lots of stuffed toys in one of the stalls there. She hurriedly went inside the store and grab a small Spongebob stuffed toy. Then, turned to the sales crew and said " Thank you, Ate". That small toy cost Php250.00. I was amazed by her reaction upon seeing the bunch of toys around her. So, I decided to buy her one, but we got the bigger one...

She was so happy and excitedd to play with her new buddy. She even wanted to carry the big plastic bag as we walked towards the mall exit. At home, she joyfully played with "him" and when dropped to the floor, she will always ask "Spongebob, are you okay? lolz

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