Rain, Rain Go Away

At last, the rain stopped...

After attending a 3-hour meeting this morning, I decided to go to the nearest Western Union branch to claim Hubby’s remittance. heavy rains poured while our meeting was still on-going. However, I don’t have any idea that the street fronting our building is flooded already. I have no choice but to cross the street, good thing I used my old pair of shoes. The teller even wondered how I managed to traverse the flooded lane. I just said I really have to transact with them during lunch break because I have a class later.

When I went up to the office, I washed my feet to get rid of germs/bacteria that may cause illness such lyptospirosis. Then, I ate lunch which I bought at the Tiangge sa City Hall.

While discussing our group case study with my classmate thru YM, I told her that I may not attend the class due to the bad weather. Few hours later, I received an SMS from TMC staff saying “No class today, Wed. TM 241 due to heavy rains” . Yehey!, it seems that my request was granted and so I will not be marked absent by our professor. (lolz)

Okay, friends in the blogosphere, I have to say bye for now. I still have to buy some stuffs for Hubby. I will send a package to him through his colleague who will leave on Friday.

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  1. it is a different high when we hear announcements of 'no classes', right :)