Happy Birthday, Papa

Friday, January 23, 2009

Happy Birthday, Papa!
We woke him up with a phone call at 7am today. Thea sung happy birthday and said “Papa, ako may birthday din”. She also asked permission if we can eat at Jollibee on Sunday. How can he say no to her… It has been our practice to go out during special occasion like birthdays and anniversaries.

Happy Birthday, Papa… We love you so much… Wishing you good health, see you soon…

Mama and Thea

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  1. Happy birthday to your beloved husband! Here's wishing him more birthdays to celebrate with you and little Thea!

    How was the coffee meet-up with Lena? I'm sure it was a blast...how I wish I could have joined you. Maybe when you come here for a visit? hehehe....

    Mommy J