New Bedroom

Thea jumping on the mattress :D yeah, for we're only using that Uratex queen-size mattress. We intend to have have our bed custom-made inside the room. We have a difficulty moving the bed frame up due to limited space.
the cabinet... Thea on the side imitating the BodyCombat moves hahaaha... doing sidekick eh.

the stairs leading to 4th floor/rooftop

* The color of the door was changed - it's now the same as the built-in cabinet below

That's our new and wider bedroom located at the 3rd floor of our humble home.

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  1. Off topic: Hi Wena! Thanks for the interest in joining my Fitnesse Team :) I will email you the exact time for the weigh-in on November 14. I just need your full name so I can include you on my team and facebook account so I can send you a sampler :)
    Looking for a Fitnesse Partner/Team

  2. Hi Sister Wena. I added you in my Plurk, nagpaplurk ka rin pala. If you have FB, mind if I add you too?
    Thanks, sis!


  3. I use more of Twitter though. But my friends in blog and in real life stay more on Plurk.