My Daughter's First Educational Trip

The scheduled field trip of day care pupils in our area will be on February 25, 2010. This will be Thea's first field trip. The mom here is so excited...Unfortunately, I can't accompany her that day due to my church duties. Her Tita Leny will take care of her instead. 

They will visit Villamor Airbase, Gardenia (Bread) Factory and Enchanted Kingdom. At first, I was hesitant to let her join the trip but when the teacher said that all children who will join are exempted from taking the 4th Evaluation Exam, I am convinced that she'll participate. 

I hope that my husband is still here on March 18th because it will the Thea's graduation. Meanwhile, I will devote some of my time this coming summer in scouting for a good nursery school. Thea will enter the formal preparatory school on June 2010. We're also planning to enroll her to a summer classes and maybe ballet classes, too. Hmmm, this might an exciting yet hectic summer for us....

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