She's Loving Nutella Chocolate Spread

My little one is getting "addicted" to Nutella chocolate spread which was bought by her Papa. Yesterday, she consumed more than 2 Nutella sandwiches. She loves it being partnered with a glass of milk. Perhaps, this will be her new favorite haha. 

Her cravings even encouraged me to search for Nutella recipes online that she'll surely enjoy. I found one that look pretty amazing. I copied the recipe and might try it this coming weekend. Sounds exciting eh. 

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  1. my teenage daughter loves this,too...

  2. @imriz: thanks for dropping by... i think even grown-ups like us love Nutella too :)

  3. Hahaha.....ako din naadik dyan. Sabi ni mister para daw akong bata....hehehe. At first yung bata dito ang nag request...ngayon ako na. Yung bata nagsawa na...yung nanay hindi pa...hehe

    Mommy J