Twenty Days Before Yasmin Althea's 5th Birthday, and...

I'm hearing lots of birthday wishes from her. She is aware that there will be a simple salo-salo (celebration) at home and yet she's expecting a Barbie-themed one. I am planning to buy her a Barbie cake though. :). She's wishing for a large inflatable swimming pool set up at the rooftop where she and her BFFs will swim and beat the summer heat. And guess what's she asked me to buy last night, a pink race car? a pink race car? 

Above all the material things, we - her parents wish for a healthy mind, body and soul. We will continue to shower her with unconditional love, look after her welfare, and strive harder so that we'll be able to provide her basic needs. 

This is her first birthday as an an Ate (big sister) to Baby Yohan.  

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