I Love Nuffnang

Nuffnang, Asia Pacific's first ever blog advertising companies, is one of the most loved company of bloggers like me. I love Nuffnang because joining them is not complicated and once you become a member, there are limitless possibilities of winning and earning. When I added this blog with them, I become a Bedtime Believer courtesy of Johnson and Johnson Bedtime Collection. Now that I have 3 blogs added to Nuffnang, my earning through ads campaigns is slowly becoming into a reality. And I am excited with my first cash out few months from now. I will be more active in blogging, promise haha. 

So, when Nuffnang announced that they'll be hosting the First Nuffamily Day in Tagaytay on May 28, 2011, I did not hesitate to join... Tagaytay is one of the most preferred summer destinations of my family. We just love the cool weather and the Taal Volcano view. I would love to tag five of my loved ones (Thea, Yohan, my sister Leny, niece Grace and nephew Bon). It will be a fun fun day at Tagaytay! 

We're also excited to join other families in the Nuffbus which will leave The Fort at 2:00pm on Saturday, May 28. I really hope to part of this very exciting event. 

A bunch of thanks to the following sponsors who made this Family Day possible.

*** family silhouette courtesy of Google images

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