GT #3: Physical Education (PE) - My Most Hated Subject

I can sing but I am not a sports buff, I can't dance, too. That is the main reason why I never loved Physical Education subjects when I was still a student. In college, I dropped once and nearly failed from 2 of my PE subjects. I only enjoyed a class once, I think it was about Individual and Team Sports. I learned how to play Darts and even won in the tournament. That was only the time I got a good grade in PE. 

I've read few Girltalkers who hate Math. Hey girls, I have something for you, you might want to read this blog   or share it to your kids or siblings. The blog called Sipnayan o Matematika is owned and maintained by my good friend/colleague/ (MRT) commuter buddy during our graduate school days in UP. He is a Math teacher by profession who's willing to share cool tips and tricks in Math using our native language - Tagalog :) 

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  1. i sucked at PE when i was in school too, but nowhere near as much as i sucked at math. LOL. will definitely check out that site ;)

  2. Cheers for your entry Mommy Weng! Sa wakas naiba din ang sagot nyo.. Kanina pa ako awang-awa sa Math. Imagine.. most hated for for the day! hahay, kawawang MATH...

    Followed you too :)

  3. I hate PE as well but not as much as i hate math!

    Visiting back from my Girl Talk entry.

  4. Hahaha. That PE thing indeed! I just love the fun playing has to offer during PE time, but I hated my teachers! LOL.

    As for Math subject, I wish I can say I LOVE MATH, but nope, NOT really! My husband does, though! :)

    See you at mine!

  5. @Kaye: hope you enjoyed reading my friend's Sipnayan

    @Nancy: oh yeah sis. kung anong puri kay English last week sya naman pag-ayaw kay Math ngayon hahaha. thanks for following me sis! :)

    @Willa: thanks for being here

    @Rcel: thanks.visited and commented on your entry :)

  6. Wena, bigatin ang friend mo. Maths na, in Filipino pa! I think it's awesome although I might get nosebleed, LOL. I'll check it out.

    You and my hubby are probably gonna get along. He's also a darts champion. But he's very sporty. Basketbolista siya nung heyday niya. Kaso bumigay na ang tuhod so nowadays ang sports niya lightweight na lang.

  7. @mj: medyo nosebleed pero nakakaaliw daming matutunan sa blog nya.

    ganun din husband ko basketball player din, his friends used to tease him as Abarrientos =)

  8. minsan ayoko din ng PE.kakapagod.eheheh

    dropping by from Girls Talk..hope to see you at my HISTORY Class (Hatest Subject).

  9. hi Gagay! thanks, 'm reading your entry now

  10. i love PE, especially the sports done outdoors. no, i'm not athletic, i just love to stay outdoors, lol!

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