Red Hot Mondays #1: Pretty in Red Gown

My very first entry to:

Thea participated in the United Nations Day parade when she was still in the Nursery Class. I bought this red gown in Divisoria.

I submitted this photo in Pinoy Smiles online photo contest. Luckily, she was chosen as one of the monthly finalists. The organizer sent us a Certifcate of Appreciation all the way from Canada. I'm planning to have it framed and display it in Thea's room. :)

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  1. What a gorgeous little girl! She is so pretty and truly a darling! Looks so beautiful in red! :)

    I hope you can check and see mine:
    Red Hot UW-Richland
    Red Toiletries

  2. hi @Schooling Mom but based on our blog, i can also call you Rarejonrez - a name which i assume a combination of your and love ones names :D

    will be there to take a peek on your RHM entry. :D

  3. Hi Wena! Thanks for getting back at me! Yep, Rarejonrez is my pen name and you can surely call me that! :)

    You asked for xlink-- I have added you just a while ago, and I will follow your GFC, too. Maybe you can do the same for me? Thanks much sis! :)

  4. yes, sis I alreay added you in my blogroll. :)

  5. Gorgeous girl at marunong talaga mag-project sa camera! Ganda rin ng gown!

    Thanks for joining sis!