GT #7: New Word I Learned Lately

Due to my hectic offline life, I wasn't able to post an entry for Girls Talk last week. Even though I'm one day late for this week topic, I am making a quick post to share the latest addition in my vocabulary.

I encountered this word sometime in July this year while I am helping my 5 year old daughter in her homework about prisms in Mathematics. Mind you, I even ask her how to pronounce the word. And on the following day, I consulted my friend Google about the meaning of the word (phrase). I don't  want to keep you guessing, so here it is:

   Reuleaux triangle
    (′re′lō ′trī′aŋ·gəl)
(mathematics) A closed plane curve, not actually a triangle, that consists of three arcs, each of which joins two vertices of an equilateral triangle and is part of a circle centered at the remaining vertex.

Reuleaux triangle is, apart from the trivial case of the circle, the simplest and best known Reuleaux polygon, a curve of constant width. The separation of two parallel lines tangent to the curve is independent of their orientation. The term derives from Franz Reuleaux, a 19th-century German engineer who did pioneering work on ways that machines translate one type of motion into another, although the concept was known before his time.

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  1. For the life of me, I cannot remember this shape being discussed while I was in school. And it's part of your 5 year old's curriculum? They are so advanced now!

  2. 5 year old's book? wow! im sure pag nag high sch subject xa master na nia ang angles and planes. pero nakakatuwa din tlg ang mga mommies mdami natututunan sa books ng ating mga anak.

    have a happy weekend.

  3. Naku Gene, pareho tayo kaya nga napa-Google ako then I asked my Math professor friend. sabi nya dapat di daw muna isinasama sa curriculum ng pre-school yung masyadong complicated daw baka malito ang mga bata. hahaha advanced na talaga masyado.

    @Balatsibuyas: yeah,nasa book nila. takang-taka nga ako eh.

  4. Wow, Wena....with this post, you are really taking me back to high school. It looks like I've stepped into a Geometry class....aaaah!!!!

  5. I distinctly remember this term being discussed by you in another GT topic. or is it from another blog? LOL. di ko na maalala. haay. pero i love the word. love any word which ends in -eaux :D