My Health Status

I've been "missing in action" lately due to health problems. Two weeks ago, I had cough and cold. Then, I am suffering from pain in my tummy since Monday. At first I thought it was just another acid reflux attack. To be sure of the real cause of it, I decided to seek medical advice. The doctor instructed me to undergo whole abdomen ultrasound and so I did yesterday. I felt anxious about the findings because according to the results there are multiple stones in my gallbladder and a small myoma in my uterus. I am praying that these gallstones and myoma can be removed naturally. I am afraid of surgery. 

With my present health status, I think I am reaping the fruits of my carelessness specially during college days. I am not getting any younger, therefore I have to take care of my health in the best way I can. I have to do this for the sake of my loved ones, too. 

I asked my friends who have the same condition. They told me that drinking apple juice can help eliminate gallstones. 

My next doctor appointment will be on Thursday... Hugs and prayers for me please. 

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  1. i'm sorry to hear about your health. i hope you get better soon..