Day 5 - Somewhere I've Been To

I've been to Club Balai Isabel, a nice resort near Taal Lake last April 2010. We had a three-day training at the resort. I love the sceneriesand the cozy atmosphere at the resort. I, together with other three colleagues stayed at the villa, just few steps away from the function room where our daily group sessions were conducted. We got to splash at their Infinity Pool, too! 

Here are some of my photos:

 taken at early morning 

 at the veranda 

 wishing well 

Administrative Office lobby 

beside the pool

I love my job because of the opportunities such as this  - work + pleasure combined! 

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  1. what a place! so lucky for you to have a combination of work and opps to travel

  2. Ohhh, love that work and pleasure combined! I miss those days... Is that the infinity pool on your last photo? It would be nice to be in dipping in a pool where it's not too crowded like here.

    It's me kaye,

  3. beautiful place! Been to the peak of Taal and it's gorgeous! Work and pleasure, that's a balanced career life :). I especially love that pool!geeezz! I miss swimming tuloy :)

  4. What a view that is Sis :-) so beautiful, love the pool :-) I never visit the Taal volcano or near that area :-) maybe someday :-) Dropping by the 5th day of blog challenge :-)