Home Improvement Plan

My officemates are planning out-of-town trips this month and early next year. They've been asking me if I'll go with them. I declined because of two reasons: (1) we are saving up for a number of home improvement projects in the  months of November- December, and (2) we are re planning to go to my hometown in April 2014. 

As the kids are growing up, we want to re-create our humble abode into a safe, kid-friendly, and relaxing one. 

To tell you more about our home improvement plan, I'd like to share the following list which include the portions of house that need to be repaired / renovated / re-organized. I made this list while I'm on leave, after my gallbladder operation last May. 

  1. Electrical re-wiring in the 3rd - 4th floor - DONE! Thanks for my husband and his friend for fixing the faulty electrical wiring last August. 
  2. Repainting of 1st and 2nd floors (and eventually the entire house) - 2nd floor DONE
  3. Install additional cabinets and shelves (which is ideal for a small house like ours) 
  4. Convert the room and the 2nd floor into a cozy living room - DONE
  5. Install windows grills (3rd floor) 
  6. Another bedroom and laundry area at the 4th floor. 
notice the different shades of varnish/paint in the stairs which is also included in the plan
this photo was taken during Thea's 5th birthday.  

Our target is to accomplish  items 2 to 4 by the end of the year. 

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