On Establishing a Daily Routine

loving the positive change in our daily routine.We go to work early, go home early and eat dinner between 6:30 to 7pm, after that shower, then review/homework time with Thea and Yohan. Bedtime is at 9:30.smile emoticon‪#‎happyfamily‬ ‪#‎simplify2016‬ ‪#‎happywifehappylife‬ ‪#‎teachermama‬

That't exactly the status message I posted on Facebook last night.  This is part of my goal this year - to simplify life, less worries and stress.  Establishing a daily routine will really help us achieve this objective. The present academic status of my first-born and the upcoming Achievement Test of my preschooler also signaled the adjustment in our daily routine. Thea is having difficulty in coping up with the lessons in Mathematics. We are thinking of hiring a tutor or enrolling her in a tutorial center, maybe this coming summer vacation.  For the meantime, we are doing our best to help her in Math and other subjects. Yohan, on the other hand, needs more practice in writing ABCs, and numbers 1-20 which will be the main areas in the achievement test next month.

Truly, we are enjoying this positive change in our daily routine.  Little by little, we are experiencing the good results of it.  Just like yesterday, Thea said that she was able to solve all the three problems in Math quiz, and got a score of 16 (out 20 questions) in Science quiz.  I consider that as a significant improvement in her performance.  

That's my short blog update for now, a blessed Thursday to all! mwuahhh! 

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