On Seizing Opportunities

This post is inspired by a famous quote by Milton Berle which says "If opportunity doesn't knock, build a door." We should not only wait for opportunities to come, we should go and create them for ourselves.  

Participation in training and seminar, either local or international, is a great opportunity to  gain additional knowledge and skills which can be applied in our respective jobs and even personal lives. For more than one and a half decade as an employee, I've been through a lot of training from various government institutions and agencies.  However, an international training seems to be an elusive dream, hahaha... There were many factors in the past that caused the delay in the realization of that dream.  

This morning, a good news landed my email inbox :)... I will be participating in an international workshop soon. The topic is really important though the "work" will not end in sharing inputs during the workshop, it will entail a long-term commitment on the part of the organization that I will be representing - my beloved City Government of Makati. Will share the details as soon as I have my tickets with me. 

Wish me all the luck, guys! 

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