6 Frequently Ask Questions on Hiring a Fence Contractor

Thinking about renovating your home on 2017? If one of your projects involve building a fence within your property, below are 6 important questions to ask fence contractors before hiring them to work on your project. Note that every contractor will try and make you think they are best one available for the job, but there are a few you want to avoid.  Try and local local online reviews before making any final decisions. So it's better to keep these important points in mind. 

1. Are You Licensed and Insured?

A quality contractor will be licensed, insured and carry workman's compensation in case a worker gets hurt during any stage of the job. You do not want to be held financially responsible by being the landowner if someone gets hurt. Ask that they show you proof so you will have peace of mind.

2. Will You Provide a Written Estimate?

General guesses and rough estimates given verbally are not what you need when it comes to getting a quote for a fence. An experienced fencing contractor will know how much material is needed and how many hours of labor the project will take. They should be able to provide a written estimate that comes close to the final tally. Ask them to get with you before making any changes so you are not caught unaware of a price discrepancy when the job is complete.

3. How Long Will the Project Take?

The length of time for the fence project will depend on the amount needing to be done, available manpower of the contractor, weather and delivery of materials. They should be able to confirm a reasonable time estimate. Have them put it in writing on the contract. When it is included in the contract they will be more likely to finish early and give your job priority time.

4. Is There an Installation or Product Warranty?

Things can go wrong with an installation or materials can be defective and leave you with a fence that serves little purpose. Find out if the contractor is willing to give you a warranty for their installation services. Ask about the customary manufacturers warranty for the fence materials. There is normally a standard set amount of time on the materials and 2 -3 years is desirable for an installation warranty.

5. Will You Provide References?

A good fence contractor will be happy to share the references of other satisfied customers. It is best to keep looking for another contractor if they hesitate or seem to have excuses to not share that type of information. 

6. How Much Maintenance Will the Fence Require?

Wrought iron, chain link and vinyl fencing will be the easiest to maintain. Wood privacy fencing will need to be painted or stained to finish and protect it from weather. Make sure you have the contractor give you the details needed to care for the fence and extend the life of the material.

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